Please note, The Sandhurst Trust no longer run weddings at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst.

To start the process of holding a wedding ceremony in the Royal Memorial Chapel email the Assistant Chaplain, Padre (Maj) Amy Walters on

To start the process of holding a wedding reception at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst please email

Please note that if you use the "Make an Enquiry" button below this will come to the Sandhurst Trust not the Academy.  To save time please use the email addresses above. 

Royal Memorial Chapel 

The legal basis for being married in the Royal Memorial Chapel (RMC) is set down by the Registrars Office of the Church of England. In order to be married at RMAS you are required to meet the following criteria:

  • A serving officer
  • Child of a Serving officer
  • Retired Officer
  • Habitual attender at RMC Service
  • Any person or child of any person, military or civilian working within the bounds of RMAS

To book a chapel service only in the Royal Memorial Chapel please contact the Chaplain’s Office Skype: 0300 168 7174. 

Please note that weddings in the Royal Memorial Chapel are not possible during recess or in December.

Civil Ceremonies

The Royal Military Academy Sandhurst does not hold a license for Civil Ceremonies. 

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