The Sandhurst Trust Adventure Training Grants

20 April 2017

The Sandhurst Trust paid grants to over 180 Officer Cadets taking part in Adventure Training over the Easter Recess. Here are some of their comments:


OCdt Roberts: "Having a fantastic time ski touring in Austria, can't quite believe how much snow there is! Thanks to the Sandhurst Trust for their contribution to our expedition."


OCdt Peppiat: "Massive thanks to the Sandhurst Trust for helping to get Ex Glacial Thor Cadet out to Norway for a week of Nordic Skiing!"


OCdt Parkinson: "Biggest thanks to the Sandhurst Trust, climbing in Catalonia on Ex GOLEM CADET has been a blast!"


OCdt Smith: "A massive thank you to the Sandhurst Trust. Courtesy of your support, Cadets from CC163 are out in Val Thorens, France on Exercise Parallel Cadet completing the Ski Foundation 1 course. As you can see, the weather hasn't been too bad so far..."

OCdt Chaplin: "Having a great time kayaking in Fuerteventura with the help of the Sandhurst Trust"


OCdt Woodford Berry: "Thank you to Sandhurst trust for their generous donation towards our adventure training, sailing to various destinations around the Solent"

OCdt Dixon: "Learning how to tack whilst sailing the Solent. Thank you The Sandhurst Trust for your support!"

OCdt Aiden: "Thanking the Sandhurst Trust for the donations they made to our AT expedition. Will be put to good use on the trip around the Solent."

OCdt Karas: "Ex Chargers Cadet hiking in San Bernadino, California. A fantastic end to intermediate term, many thanks to the Sandhurst Trust for your support"