Why Join the Sandhurst Trust?

Who can join The Sandhurst Trust?

  • Those who have commissioned/graduated from RMAS. 
  • Those who served at commissioned rank in the British Army (Regular, TA, Reserve, ACF/CCF) regardless of entry method (e.g Mons).
  • Those who have served on the staff of RMAS (military or civilian).
  • Those serving in University OTCs.

The Trust offers various facilities and opportunities that are not available to the general public.

Intake Search

- Find former Cadets by searching the Trust's database


- Ability to develop your professional network with other members of The Sandhurst Trust through a search facility and through our Linkedin Group

Sandhurst Events

- A programme of events run by both Sandhurst and The Trust. Past speakers have included Frank Gardner, Lord Douglas Hurd, General Sir Mike Jackson and Patrick Hennessey


- Receive advance notice of events and opportunities.


- A growing range of leadership and management articles on-line and only available to our members

The Wishstream Journal

- Packed with leadership articles, sporting articles, historical briefs, book reviews, gazette lists and much more.

Dinner Nights

- Held at Sandhurst and at other venues around the country. They are regimental dinner style events, usually with a notable guest speaker.


- The Trust organises reunions of past Intakes on significant anniversaries and can be day or evening events.

Private Events

Members are welcome to hold private events at the Academy – weddings and anniversaries, christenings, formal birthdays etc.

Corporate Events

- Members are welcome to book facilities for corporate events such as board meetings and small conferences.


How much does it cost to join?

We ask for a minimum donation of £15 a year to join.  This can be paid for by annual Direct Debit or by recurring credit card payment.

The other option is Life Membership which provides you with lifelong membership of the Sandhrust Trust for a minimum donation of £150